Emulating Broken Touch Screen with Adb

How to fix Broken Touch Screen Android

It’s already almost 10 years since the first Android phone was released. Since then, amount of buttons on a phone was pretty minimal, touch screens have seized the phone world.

Since my first Android phone, I was not the one changing phones every year, so many of them ended up requiring to be replaced rather than just be upgraded to a new cool phone.

What is interesting, that the most common issue was the mentioned above touch screen. It happened, that some parts of the screen were not accessible as they used to be. Unfortunately, not all applications allow us to change the orientation of the screen.

This short note is just a reminder for myself if in the 2-3 year I find myself again with a half-functioning touch screen.

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The story of your data by R

Data-data-data! Nowaday companies have lots of sorts of different data. Some of them just store data and looking forward to having some insigths, some already have interesting aggregation and reporting frameworks, there are even some that use data to make data-driven decisions. But, today I’m going to write blog post not about real busines cases and data-driven decisions, but about interesting data visualization.

Among different sorts of data, we usually have time series datasets, for instance, user signups, some transactions and so on. The idea of my Friday evening hacking was to write R script, that could visualize such time series. From another side, I wanted to play around with maps in R, so I decided to create visualization of user signups in terms of user location and grouped by a month of user signup.

The story of your data by R

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Twitter word cloud with R

Sometimes, during general working days you need more creativity or just to take a look at something from different angle. Since I work all my time with data, I also had some data-related ideas. I was interested to get the picture of the Twitter mentions. The ideal case was to build the word cloud of the most popular words from tweets with certain hashtag.

I do like R language, and use it for the most of questions I have about data. Another point here, that R community is quite big and there are lots of modules for almost every task. So, the main idea was to write a simple R script to analyse a Twitter feed and after build word cloud of the most popular words.

stylight twitter analysis

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Celery messaging at scale at Instagram

Interesting talk by an infrastructure engineer from Instagram. Described idea of feed generation at scale from different points of view, starting with simple and very expensive O(∞), after with Gearman & Python solutions and finally based on Celery and RabbitMQ. Considered different brokers to have reasonably fast time of response from one point and also good replication and even chunking from another. Good overview of configuring Celery for big scale with different routings, queues and concurrency levels.

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